All 21st CCLC programs are required to have an Advisory Board to support decision-making and ensure all stakeholder voices are heard.

Membership Requirements

Program and partnering administrative staff, school and partnering agency representatives, students, parents and community members should be represented on the program advisory committee and should have meaningful involvement in program design, planning and assessment. Included in the list of required Advisory Board members is the Local Evaluator.

Attendance Requirements

Since this a requirement for ALL partners, which includes, but is not limited to program staff, partner staff AND local evaluation staff, it is the responsibility of the program administration to invite the evaluator and expect him/her to come, and the evaluator to attend at least three of these meetings throughout the year. As it is defined in the revised Site Monitoring Visit Report, all programs are required to document and maintain evidence/records of the Advisory Board’s membership, meetings, and attendance, in order to meet compliance expectations.

Quarterly Meeting Requirements

It is recommended that every year advisory meetings take place quarterly, in:

  • July/August
  • November/December
  • February/March
  • May/June

Sample Agenda for Advisory Meetings

  • Welcome
  • Registration
  • Team / Staffing Updates
  • Program Updates
    • Academic
    • Recreation
  • School Age Child Care Regulations – Child Care Resource Network (As needed)
    • Relicensing
    • Inspections
  • Evaluation
  • Upcoming Events
  • Comments, Questions & Concerns
  • Next Meeting