All programs operating or delivering services in a NYC Public School Building are required to submit an Extended Use Permit application to use a school's premises. The permit is required to be completed by each organization wishing to use the school building during extended use time regardless of whether or not the User is the agency designated to pay for space and/or security fees (if applicable).

As a reminder, on weekdays during the school year between the hours of 3:00p.m. and 6:00 p.m., space use is free. The DOE advocates the use of schools to build strong communities. While schools should be open and available to the greatest extent possible, every effort must be taken to keep operating costs down. Therefore, when feasible, we encourage organizations to use the same building on the same day to save opening costs.

  • The DOE incurs additional costs for maintenance services for usage of school space after 6:00 p.m. on days when school is in session, and anytime on days when schools would be otherwise closed. Organizations must pay a fee to offset a portion of these additional costs.
  • Except as otherwise provided, these fees must be paid by all DOE-sponsored CBOs utilizing space outside the hours of 3:00-6:00 p.m. on weekdays during the school year. The fee is applicable to schools managed by both custodial engineers and private contractors.

Extended-Use Application: Step-By-Step Process

  • At least 30 days prior to an event, a CBO must consult with the principal, her designee, or a custodian regarding space required for the program.
  • The custodial engineer should work in collaboration with the CBO to fill out the Extended Use Permit Application.
  • The CBO should indicate only the rooms that will be used to avoid being billed for more rooms than is necessary. The CBO should also ensure that the section on Special Requests be completed in its entirety. A thorough application will expedite the approval process.
  • The CBO should inform the school when space needs change. The school’s designee should make amendments to the Extended Use Application by completing a Change Form.
  • The principal’s designee must get signatures from the CBO Director, the principal and the custodian on the Extended Use application.
  • At the end of each month or on the last day of use for each month, the CBO should sign a space sheet which summarizes usage for that month. It is critical that the space sheet includes the actual rooms used for that period.