Who is required to secure a SACC Registration

The SACC registration is required for CBO Grantees only. After-school programs serving children 12 years of age and under may be required to maintain a School-Age Child Care (SACC) registration, which is issued by the New York State Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS). Programs operated by the school district (and funded by the DOE’s Office of Community Schools) may be exempt from SACC. For more details on whether your program requires a SACC registration, review the OCFS policy statement 16-1. All 21st CCLC programs, whether required to maintain a SACC Registration or not, must meet the requirements of the NYS school-age child care regulations.


If you already have a SACC Registration

  • Programs that are currently SACC registered must ensure the registration capacity is sufficient to cover the entirety of their 21st CCLC participant allotment.
  • For an increase in student capacity, please contact the appropriate NYC Department of Health (DOH) borough office before your organization serves additional students.
  • DOH must also be notified when there is a change in director or program.
  • Submit your SACC renewal application 60 days before it expires. OCFS sends renewal applications to program and they must be submitted to DOH.
  • 30 hours of training are required every 2 years, in addition to other required trainings.

If you do not yet have a SACC Registration

  • Complete the online orientation. At the end of the orientation, request a SACC application.
  • The electronic application will arrive via email within 24 hours of the request.
  • Submit a complete online application through Facility Application Management System (FAMS). Applicants have 90 days to complete the application process, therefore it is encouraged to start the application process at least 3 months in advance of the start of the program. Programs can track and monitor the application to assess which part of the application has been approved and which are under review.
  • DOHMH will contact the applicant and/or provide updates on the application throughout the process
  • Programs must receive the SACC registration before they start operating the program.

NYC Department of Health Office Numbers:

Bronx: (347) 854-1971 or (347) 854-1972

Brooklyn: (718) 222-6399 or (718) 222-6390

Manhattan & Staten Island: (646) 632-6305

Queens: (718) 553-3981