Ensuring the entire school community is aware of the 21st CCLC program at your school, we encourage the school to conduct a school-CBO staff orientation. It’s important that DOE teachers are familiar with the CBOS serving their students and what programs they are providing in their school. CBOs also need a thorough overview of the school’s policies and procedures. An orientation also provided an opportunity for teachers and CBO educator staff to collaborate and identify ways to link the after school program with what students are learning during the day.

DOE Teachers
CBO Educators
  • Classroom policies
  • Academic goals for their students
  • Themes and topics that they will be covering in class
  • Any behavior challenges to be aware of
  • Program offerings with target student population
  • Days of the week
  • Room number
  • Goals of the program

In addition to fostering collaboration between school teachers and CBO staff, it’s important that school representatives and the site coordinator also discuss:

  • Sign-in procedures
  • Lateness and absence policy and who to contact at the school
  • Meal / snack procedures
  • Emergency procedures